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1-The Floor Should be levelled to a tolerance of +/-  1/8" In a 10'0" 2-  Set up Railflex Plastic sleepers at 12" ~16" intervals 
radius to prevent the moisture a P.E. sheet  of 0.5mm in thickness must be used  



3-Set up Railflex plastic sleepers 4"(100mm) from the walls  4-A space of 1" should be left from the wall by using asupporting beam.


5-The wood flooring should be connected by the slide  Hook of the 6- a plastic supporter should be installed in addition if needed
plastic sleeper and the groove of the floorboard   


7-The T & G of the last floorboard should be glued if The size

of the last board does not fit around the edges


8-In Case separation of the materials is needed wood or metal

transition can be used